Ecc 12.8-13

Truth is defined as..  Truth = acceptable words written (heart Heb 8.10 = know Heb 8.11) Truth = knowledge = proverbs in order =hear(ing). Truth then is what is heard (understanding Jn 8.43) and that understanding is formed and manifested by order. The ordered proverbs (words in understanding Pv 1.1-7) is understanding as scripture explains itself in the order revealed by the Lord as they are taught by the Preacher (the Lord) as the Holy Ghost teacheth comparing spiritual with spiritual 1 Cor 2.6-16. Truth is always revelation (truth of the gospel Gal 2.2-5) in the form of comparison with revelation.  These strings of comparison is the structure of truth thus being in order. This order is the form in which the Spirit teaches (Job 37.19-21 teach = ordered speech). The opposite is no order resulting in a multitude of words (Job 10.22-11.4)


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